Barthen's Provisions


Barthen’s Provisions is the largest trading post in Phandalin. It is a stout building constructed of cut stone and tightly fitted timber. The windows of this building have been set high up on the walls, in order to let in plenty of natural light. A few skylights have been set in the slate roof as well. It is one of the fanciest and oldest buildings in Phandalin.

The interior of Barthen’s is filled with shelves containing all manner of ordinary goods and supplies. It stacks all the goods required for daily living, along with other adventuring staples such as backpacks, rope, and other such mundane goods. Since it serves a small community, Elmar doesn’t stock anything expensive or exotic. He also doesn’t stock weapons or armor, but is happy to point adventurers toward the Lionshield Coster.

The shop is run by its namesake, Elmar Barthen. Elmar is a kind man who wants what’s best for Phandalin. He employs two young human assistants, Ander and Thistle, who help him unload carts and stock shelves.

Barthen's Provisions

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