Stonehill Inn


In the center of Phandalin stands a large, newly built roadhouse of fieldstone and plastered timbers. The two story building is well-made and looks warm and cozy even from the outside. The smoke curling from the brick chimney carries the scent of clean wood, baking bread, and the days special. A large wooden sign depicting a comfortable looking bed sitting atop a green hill. The lettering underneath reads “Stonehill Inn.”

There is a hitching post and water troughs out front, along with a cobblestone yard and a small stable for housing horses and other animals. The horses are cared for by Pip, Toblen’s young son. The boy has a knack with horses and is eager to please, especially when dealing with “brave adventurers.”

Once you step inside, you are greeted by a wall of warmth and the scent of delicious food. The common room is large and contains several tables as well as a few wooden booths along the wall. Stairs lead up to the six rooms available for rent, along with a single large table on the second story balcony that Toblen reserves for important guests.


The other end of the common room is dominated by a large and stout wooden bar, behind which the properity, Toblen Stonehill, usually stands. Toblen is a friendly man and greets prospective guests with a smile. His wife, Trilena, runs the kitchen, producing simple fair made with love and skill.

Rooms at the Stonehill Inn can be rented for 5 silver pieces a night. Meals are 3 silver pieces apiece. Toblen offers a package deal for 1 gold piece a day: a room, two meals, and an ale with dinner. Toblen serves his own brown ale for 4 copper a mug, a cider from Edermath orchad for 5 copper a mug, and a dwarven dark ale for 1 silver a mug.

Stonehill Inn

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