Sir Jandar Ulmokina

Human Paladin of Torm (Retired)


A Rashemi man of seventy, Sir Jandar has the appearance of a once-powerful man who has shrunken and withered with advanced age. His body is an old map of scars, and his left eye is now a milky white (the story of how that happened always changes). Though much slower, he moves with the grace of a trained swordsman. This clothing is simple, but the silver amulet of Torm around his neck always gleams. He is an icon of patience, understanding, and gentle faith. His deep baritone voice can calm the most frightened of orphans.


In his youth, Sir Jandar was the boogeyman to many an evil soul. A powerful force for good and justice, he fought evil with every ounce of his being. An apprentice of Sir Dorn Amblecrown (known throughout Cormyr as The Gleam of Torm), at one time it was said that none could best him in a fair fight. He worked tirelessly in the service of Torm, but eventually age and old wounds slowed him enough that he was unable to quest himself.

Never one to give up, Sir Jandar moved from actively questing to instead training the next generation of paladins. For years he instructed young paladins in the art of the sword at one of the largest temples of Torm. But after a time the priests of the church informed him that it was best if he were to retire and let a younger man take up the duties of swordmaster.

Never one to sit idle, Sir Jandar took his meager temple stipend and opened a small orphanage out in the countryside. There he did his best to take in the less fortunate and raise them as best he could. Assisted by a young priestess of Chauntea, the small orphanage soon grew. It was a well known landmark until the Silverblood clan discovered that one of their youngest was associating with a retired paladin. The tragedy that struck that day nearly broken Sir Jandar. He stayed only long enough to gift Izzimir with his old armor, then left for a hidden retreat. HIs assistant, Jayla, is still missing.

Sir Jandar Ulmokina

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