Randal Buckman

Male Human Blacksmith


Randal is a muscular human male in his early thirties. He has the broad shoulders and strong arms of a blacksmith, and the many small burn scars on his arms and hands seem to concur. He wears a magnificent mustache and beard, but keeps his dark hair cut short. A thoughtful man, he likes to think before speaking. This can give the impression that he’s unintelligent, but that’s far from the truth. Behind that facial hair lies a keen mind and a thoughtful personality. A stalwart man, he’ll stand beside his friends until the end of days.

He is the husband of Tessele Buckman, and the father of three young children: Odel (11; son), Miri (9; daughter), and Pater (7; son).


Smithing has been in Randal’s family for generations, be it blades or simple horsehoes. For over a hundred years, the Buckman family provided the basic goods needed for the residents of Daggerford. They made everything from simple horseshoes to blades for the local militia. They were a well respected family, the backbone of the pastoral town.

Randal began learning the trade from an early age. He might have continued making plowshares and horsehoes, had it not been for a wandering wizard who needed a dagger repaired. While waiting for the work to be completed, he noticed that Randal had some small latent talent for magic. It wasn’t much, but it was enough to get him admittance into a lesser academy of trade magic in Waterdeep.

And so Randal was the first of his family to learn the secrets of the magewright. It took him several years, but eventually he learned how to perform a few simple spells that allowed him to greatly focus his craft. After completing his training, Randal worked as an apprentice to one of the best bladesmiths in Waterdeep. There he met his wife, and started a family.

It was his wife, Tess, who convinced Randal to move away from Waterdeep and out toward the countryside. As a follower of Chauntea, she wanted to live in a rural community, not the big city. So Randal and his young family packed up their belongings and decided to strike out for the village of Phandelver. Along the way they were beset by a terrible Ankheg, and it was all Randal could do to barely fend the thing off. The party managed to rescue him and his young family, for which he is ever grateful.

Randal hopes to start his own smithy in Phandelver.

Randal Buckman

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