Odel Buckman

Male Human Apprentice Sorcerer


A young human boy of about eleven years, Odel is the oldest child of the Buckman family. A kind and curious boy, he’s a good son, even if some folks find him a bit “odd.” He has eyes the color of a stormy sky and he’s always surrounded by the faint scent of ozone. He’s in good shape for his age and has always been able to make friends easily, despite the faint otherworldly air about him.

Odel is a young man who has just begun to manifest sorcerous power. He’s at the dangerous age where his power far outstrips his training and patience. Without some sort of guidance, even the loving hand of his parents won’t be enough to keep someone (probably Odel) from getting hurt.


According to his mother, Odel was born during the worst thunderstorm his small farming village had ever seen. Rain battered the fields and it seemed like thunder cracked every time his mother screamed in pain. The storm seemed to crescendo just as young Odel was born, and his father swears that lightning stuck his house the moment he took his first breath.

Since that day odd things always seemed to happen around the young boy. Things would sometimes blow off shelves when he was angry. Every once in a while he could convince his friends to do something really stupid, only for them to realize it was dumb later. Odel knew that he was different, and his parents were worried. Things might have gotten really bad had Drazuul One-Hundred Eyes not discovered that young Odel was a burgeoning sorcerer. Drazuul has made a good first impression, but only time will tell if that’s enough to help Odel control his strange new powers.

Odel Buckman

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