Izzimir Silverblood

Tiefling Paladin (Oath of Vengeance)


Personality Traits: I don’t run from evil. Evil runs from me.
Ideals: I have a calling that puts me above the law.
Bonds: I would sacrifice my life and my soul to protect the innocent.
Flaws: I assume the worst in people.


Izzimir was born into a tight-knit, secretive Tiefling clan that, rather than run away from their lineage of daemonic heritage, instead embraced it and sought to keep it alive through experimentation in the dark arts and making themselves available to the outside world as an exclusive assassin’s guild, known only as the Silverbloods.

From a boyhood age, Izzimir was groomed by his parents to continue in this lifestyle and tradition. He learned the art of combat and poisons, and was taught a general disregard for life and others.

His fate would have been sealed, if not for a secret friendship he formed as a child with an old man named ???? who ran a local orphanage. He met him on one of his late-night explorations of the city, which were encouraged by his parents. Over the course of weeks, months, and years, Izzimir would periodically converse with this man late into the night after all the orphans were asleep. The man claimed to be a former priest in a church of Torm, but in reality had been a powerful warrior Paladin many years ago, who fought in Torm’s name and had his favor.

Izzimir never let on who his family was or what they did, and the old man didn’t pry for fear of scaring him away. But he sensed the conflict within the young Tiefling, and sensed the darkness that was feeding his soul. The old man made sure to fill his conversations and stories with the good he did everyday in the orphanage, and to others throughout his life. Every night before going to sleep, the old man would pray to Torm to watch over the young Tiefling and to protect him from darkness.

Between the influence of Torm’s favor and the positive influence of the old man’s conversations, Izzimir’s soul and outlook was not darkened by his horrific surroundings and teachings.

Unfortunately, as Izzimir came of age, his lack of buy-in to the clan’s ways did not go un-noticed. Eventually they shadowed Izzimir and learned of his friendship with the old man. They confronted Izzimir, and as a test of his loyalty and initiation into the clan, they tasked him with killing the old man.

Izzimir immediately ran to the old man to warn him that he was targetted by the assassin’s guild, and to flee. He fled the premises, but they were being watched and the orphanage was immediately set upon by the clan and Izzimir was captured. He was sentenced to death on the spot, but first to punish him for his betrayal, the clan set about slaughtering every living soul in the orphanage, young and old, and forced Izzimir to watch every death. During this process, something within Izzimir snapped. He went from fearing for his own life to feeling an overwhelming sense of compassion and responsibility to protect these innocents as he watched them die, and to mete righteous justice to those who were carrying out these atrocious acts. Finally he shouted a desparate prayer to Torm, which carried the urgency of his entire soul. He felt a power well up inside him, granted by the god himself. In a sequence of events which he can’t really remember, Izzimir found a weapon in his hand from one of his captors, and through righteous powers he didn’t know he had, he fought off the clan, killing several of them and chasing the rest off (including his parents).

As he sat there in the aftermath, amidst the death of so many innocents, he found himself making a vow with his life: To seek out and destroy all pockets of daemonic evil like he had grown up in, wherever they may be, and at any cost, so that such atrocities would never happen again. He felt this vow have the power of Torm behind it, and he knew his destiny was forever changed.

Eventually, the old man returned to the orphange, and he was shattered by what he saw. But he also recognized the change that had occured in Izzimir, and put off his grief long enough to briefly explain about his past and the path Izzimir had started on. But he was indeed shattered, and told Izzimir he had no fight left and would need to leave and go far away to finish out his days in grief. Before leaving, he opened an old chest in his room and gave Izzimir a gift from his past, and tearfully said this was all he could do to help.

After regaining his senses, Izzimir went back to the clan’s enclave to finish what he had started, but they were long gone; any good assassin knows if you leave somebody alive from your exploits, it’s time to move on. But the damage was done, and Izzimir’s path was clear. His righteous vengeance would know no bounds…

Izzimir Silverblood

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