Earth Genasi Rogue


Personality Traits: I see omens in every event and action: the signs are everywhere.
Ideals: Charity. I always help those in need, no matter what the personal cost.
Bonds: I will do anything to keep my parents and those who protect us safe. I see it as my duty to undo the plot that binds for generations to come.
Flaws: For those few in the know, there is a price like no other on my head. They will stop at nothing to capture me alive.


Raised in Waterdeep

Freak birth, born to Human parents, Opalescent in appearance- makes me quite the desired/treasured oddity within the rich elite of the palace/government, etc… elite of the elite of the people who really run the show.

Born to parents unlike myself, raised in high society, best schools, etc. trained special behind the scenes for elite hierarchy assassin work. Decided after realizing the over all reaching plan to exploit the people for generations to come(and seeing my parents on a future assassination list) I decided to flee and take my parents with me and work for the Harpers- myself and my family have been hiding ever since- I have not seen my parents in years but keep in communication with them through The Harpers.


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