Donnagrin Lowbough

Halfling Cleric (Nature Domain)


Personality Traits:


Grampa took me away to safety when the town was attacked, no one survived, we went back a couple of days later and the buildings were all ashes, not a soul could be found.

We lived in the forest, as best we could, for five years. Then Grampa died. I was ten.

For ten years I lived without seeing another person, but I wasn’t alone. The animals talk, if you listen, they are the easy ones. The trees and plants are far more nuanced. And shy.

Grampa had talked about his youth and a thing called “wanderlust”. As a child, I thought it scary and foolish to leave ones home to see the unknown. But now, I’ve come of age, and the feeling has struck me like a bolt from the blue.

Donnagrin Lowbough

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