Cypress Highfeather

Aarakocra Ranger (Hunter)


Personality Traits: I watch over my friends as if they were a clutch of newly hatched chicks.
Ideals: Life is like the changing seasons, and we must change with it.
Bonds: My family, Clutch, or tribe is the most important thing in my life, even when they are far from me.
Flaws: I am slow to trust members of other races, tribes, and societies.


It was a great day for the Highfeather clan. This clan of Aarakocra most closely resemble powerful Bald Eagles, and of all the Aarakocra clans, they are deemed the greatest and most powerful warriors, hunters, and survivors. Today was to be the naming ceremony of the first hatched fledgling of the year. He had broken through his shell much earlier than his brethren, whom if you listen closely you could hear scratching and tapping at their own shells.

The women of the clan were busy preparing the great nest for the evening festivities. Elaborate woven banners baring the Highfeather clan’s colors were being tied up. The hunters were out in search of food for the great feast that was to follow.

The young fledgling was standing near the west edge of th nest, nestled into the crags of the north face of the Star Mountains, looking toward the great grandfather tree that could just barely be made out in the distance. The nest began to shake. The women folk stopped their weaving looking around for the source of the disturbance. Suddenly, an immense green dragon claw ripped apart the mouth of the Highfeather nest. Loud screeching yells were let out as the dragon pulled itself into the nest. It would snap at the full grown Aarakocra catching one occasionally. It wormed its way to the nursery and then with its great tongue began lapping up the eggs. The women began diving and scratching at the beast. The one hatched fledgling, leapt upon the snout of the beast and scrambled towards the great yellow eye, with all his might slashed at the great eye with his piercing talons. The dragon recoiled and shook his great head with a violent snap hurling the fledgling out of the nest into nearby underbrush.

The dragon rose to its full height, and then let go with breath of poisonous gas at the remaining fighting Aarakocra. The Fledglings last sight before losing consciousness was the head mother grasping at her throat choking for air, and then darkness……

The fledgling awoke being carried by Oak, the greatest hunter of the Highfeather tribe. “Be still little one” Oak cooed as he carried him to a small group of clansman waiting at the white stone, near the peak of the Star Mountain range. The chief and Shaman of the clan stood near the stone. Oak placed the fledgling on the stone before the wizened leaders. The sadness of loss etched on the faces of the small group gathered was apparent, but also the promise of better times and potential seen in the young fledgling could also be seen. There on that mountain, on the day of naming, he was named Cypress: Strong and Bold, Fearless in the presence of danger, but also a promise to be champion of the clan. The Cyrpress is strongly rooted with a powerful foundation. He would be the only Highfeather born to the clan that year, he would be focus of all the clan’s attention.

Cypress flourished on the supervision of the remaining clan members. He received more training, more food, more attention, and more care than any Aarakocra before or since. He grew larger and stronger because of this. Oak, became his mentor, and taught him how to fly and hunt. Also, he taught him to fight and survive, and to use all round him to do so. Cypress became skilled with the bow, but could also do savage damage with his talons.

In his 7th year, the old chief died, and Oak became chieftain of the Highfeather clan. After the ceremonies and celebration, Oak took Cypress aside, and sent him forth on his quarter journey. As is custom, at their 7th year, members of the Highfeather clan are sent out to explore the realms and seek their purpose. Oak had another purpose in mind, for the green dragon still roamed the realms, and it was time for the Highfeather clan to take vengeance for the wrongs of the past. Oak swore Cypress to the task of killing the green beast.

So, Cypress sets out, with bow and spear, to explore Sword Coast, and to find and kill the egg eater Elaacrimalicros.

Cypress Highfeather

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