Against the Elemental Evil

Rewards: Goblin Arrows

Experience and Treature Rewards for Week 1


75 gp per party member (Quest Rewards)
200 gp (sale of briarwood ale)
125 silver
600 copper
5 Gold Teeth (1 gp each)
Gold Ring (50 gp)
Jade Frog Statue (40 gp)
5 Rubies (10 gp Uncut, 40 gp Cut)
Total Wealth: 137 gp, 7 sp per character + 10 gp (uncut rubies) or 40 gp (cut rubies) per character

Consumable Items

Scroll of Detect Magic (Given to Drazuul One-Hundred Eyes)
Scroll of Wish (Non-Magical: may function if it can somehow be repowered) (Party)
2 Potions of Healing (Unstable)
2 Potions of Healing

Mundane Equipment

Spell Component Pouch
Journal of Nafarac the Wise (gain advantage on rolls involving proficiency in alchemist’s supplies)
A Strange Bronze Key

Magic Items

Feather (Dagger +1) (Given to Iiri)
Berserker Axe: Linene Graywind will trade you her extra stock (a Burrower’s Breastplate and a Scroll of Identify) for the axe.
Wand of Frogs
Wayfarer’s Pouch


Quest Rewards: 3,500 xp
Saving the Farmers: 1,000 xp
Total: 900 per character. Welcome to level 3!


Save_vs_DM Save_vs_DM

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