The sword coast is a place of many adventures and exploits. And your small band of adventurers hopes to add their own names to the annals of heroism. With might and magic you hope to carve your names across the Sword Coast, righting wrongs and winning great treasures. But do you have what it takes to become such great heroes? And what of the rumors of a lost mine near the town of Phandalin? Or even more disturbing, tales of strange creatures and cultists around the town of Red Larch. Such stories are just the sort of thing that your hardy group of adventurers follow. Perhaps it is there that you will make your names.

Game Synopsis

Against the Elemental Evil is a 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons game. You are a member of a new adventuring party hoping to make their fortune. You will start your adventuring career looking into the Lost Mines of Phandelver. There you will make your mark on the town of Phandalin, and perhaps even claim a spot at the Forge of Spells.

Having established yourselves in Phandalin, you will then have to face the terrible Princes of the Apocalypse. Will you have what it takes to combat evil cults and take on terrible creatures?

This is a game where you will many different choices and paths to take. At first you’ll be dealing with local problems, but eventually you’ll have to deal with all manner of elemental evil. This game will focus at least somewhat on elemental-themed enemies, though other side quests and types of enemies will appear. Players will be free to explore as they see fit, but ignoring some threats may might your life or environs more difficult or deadly.

Forgotten Realms Information

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Against the Elemental Evil

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